Flexible bladders and crashworthy tanks for aircrafts and boats

Fuel bladders and crashworthy tanks for aircrafts and boats

Muststore® TYPE B fuel on-board bladder tanks are used in boats, armours, aircraft, helicopter or gliders replacing advantageously standard rigid and flexible tanks. They exist in crashworthy or self sealing versions.

Our flexible bladders and crashwothly tanks for aircrafts and boats are usually designed according to the customer specific dimensions. Musthane uses different technologies and various types of polymers to achieve outstanding life expectancy and performance.

The coated fabrics used in our bladder tanks are made of Urethane or Nitrile rubber. The textile used gives the crashworthy performance to the on-board bladder tank.

The self-sealing performance is obtained thanks to a very unique complex leveraging the use of coated fabrics and high performance foams. In some application aramids allow to increase the self-sealing performance.

Musthane offers all necessary fittings and accessories including pumps, connectors and hoses to enable you to assemble a “ready-to-use” kit to your vehicle, aircraft, UAV or boat.

These flexible bladders and crashworthy tanks are equipped with a specific foam avoiding explosion and unbalancing effects of the liquids. The nature of the foam is defined according to the liquid (fuel or water). This foam occupies all the space inside the bladder tank with a very low impact in the total volume acceptancy of the tank (in total less than 5% volume is lost due to the addition of this foam).

The shape of the tank can be designed to fit perfectly to the available space in the boat, the aircraft, armour or UAV.


Technical characteristics

Our Muststore® flexible bladders and crashworthy tanks are made of:

  • a high resistance elastomer chosen for the application to store fuel, waste or drinking water (Polyurethane, PVC…).
  • a specific foam enabling the tank to be self-supported with a loss of only 5% of the useful volume.
  • fittings to fill, empty or degassing the tank
  • Dimensions are made to measure from the drawing or sketch sent by the customers OR from the measurement defined by our technicians in collaboration with our customers.

Flexible bladders and crashworthy tanks provide the following advantages:

 You save up to 70% of weight comparing to a rigid tank in aluminum.

  • No risk of leakage due to the welding fatigue. The life expectancy of the Muststore® TYPE B tank is higher than rigid tanks.
  • Their installation and removal are easy even in case of complex shapes. Muststore® TYPE B tanks can be introduced by a small hole into their final place avoiding important destruction of the boat, armour or glider bottom.
  • Perfect tightness thanks to a rigorous and innovative manufacturing process.

 Muststore® TYPE B tanks can offer a protection of the environment even in case the boat sinks or overturns.


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