Jacking system for Delong 6-6

jacking system for delong 6-6 for jackup barge

Jack up platforms Delong D6-6 are mainly used in low depth of water. These are the best solution when it is necessary to lift heavy loads quickly and efficiently.
Jack up platforms Delong D 6-6 use a mixed of mechanical and elastomer pneumatic jacks.
Jacking systems are made of two main parts having the shape of two rings lying one upon the other. Between those two rings are set pneumatic cylinders for simple action lifting and two others for retraction and double action lifting.
The inside of each ring is equipped with rubber inflatable jacks (gripper tubes). The diameter of the pneumatic grippers is similar to that of the piles along which they are expected to move. Once they are pressurized they energetically press against the piles.

Jacking system characteristics for jack up barge

In order to obtain a strong and reliable squeeze, jacking system for platforms deLong D 6-6 is composed of two elements:

  • a gripper tube (air jack) which is an inflatable toric cushion in rubber
  • a gripper slug which is a ring in rubber

Gripper tubes for jack up barge

The Gripper tubes works with a pressure between 25 and 29 bar. When they are inflated, they uniformly push on the gripper slugs which secure the squeeze on the jack’s leg. The aim of the slug is to avoid the shearing work of the tube. As soon as the leg is locked, mechanical jacks lift up or down the load (for example a barge).

In order to salve this puncture of the inflatable jacks, we have engineered reinforced gripper tubes and a gripper slug with exceptional characteristics.


Our gripper tubes for jacking system are made by filament winding and vulcanized in mould under pressure. That means when it deflate fibers act as spring. In the time, this product remains constant; it will not lengthen in case of durable storage. Moreover, the inside material of the gripper tube will not be damaged by oil which can be in the compressed air.

Gripper slugs

Long research in collaboration with our customer, allows us to design a new slug. We make it from an elastomer composite material.

These exceptional characteristics are:

  • the slug has an excellent memory and so comes back very quickly fo its initial position when tubes deflate.
  • the abrasion and shearing resistance is very high.

Our gripper slugs for jacking system has a rectangular profile shape so without lip. These lips have just an interest in case of using tubes just in rubber so not ours, in order to try to avoid to pinch the tubes.

The whole improvements concerning the gripper tubes and slugs procure an excellent product, reliable and with an exceptional lifetime.


The last improvement regards the fittings, gripper spuds. We have integrated an insert in the rubber of the gripper tube, inflatable fitting screws in it. It avoids plunger puncture and ovalization problem that happens with metal base valve.

Our fittings are in stainless steel 316L.

Musthane Jacking system for platform DeLong D 6-6 provide the following advantages:

  • Compact when empty.
  • Homogeneous thrust.
  • High abrasion and shearing resistance
  • High stroke
  • Stainless steel 316L fittings
  • No maintenance.
  • Custom made

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