Inflatable jack maintaining cutting tool

inflatable jack to maintain cutaining tool

In the field of offshore oil construction, internal cutting piles or tube works are necessary :

  • to set up the various platforms and structures
  • for demolition works on old structures and heads of drilling wells .

The customer has developed an abrasive jet cutting tool for this offshore oil application and asked  Musthane engineers to design a system that ensures both the positioning of its tool, but also its fixed sustain to avoid cut orange peel, and  a way to handle cut products.

Musthane designed inflatable jack Mustpress ultra resistant air cushions from rubber coated fabric,

The design of these inflatable jack enables them, once inflated, to take the extreme form of a tire. Once deflated, these toric jacks can take their initial shape of a torus with a flat surface (20 to 25mm thickness). So as not to hinder the movement of the cutting tool during its installation and removal from an oil platform pile.

These toric inflatable jack  have a high expansion width and a high mechanical bursting strength (several tens of bar).

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