High pressure toric jacks

o ring inflatable air jacks for plateform delong 6.6

Deflated the inflatable high pressure toric jacks or doughnut seal look like a kart tire (strictly flat); once inflated however, their circular shape make them look like a HP tire.

This inflatable high pressure toric jacks has many applications in the industry, such as:

  • cylindrical load shifting
  • handling of loads
  • centering of thin metal sheets
  • tightness between two pipes
  • jackup Delong 6.6

Inflation pressure can be up to 400 bars. We manufacture our pneumatic toric seals to your requirement.

Inflatable high pressure toric jacks provide the following advantages:

  • Compact when empty.
  • Homogeneous thrust.
  • High stroke
  • No maintenance.
  • Custom made

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