Diaphragms closures

Diaphragm closures for offshore platform

Diaphragm Closures are the accepted method of efficiently sealing platform legs and skirt sleeves to provide buoyancy.
The closures are made of nylon reinforced rubber and can be quickly and easily pierced by the pile.
To ensure quality and reliability, each diaphragm is pretested to 1,5 times hydrostatic pressure.

Sealing top and bottom of skirt sleeves

Jacket skirt sleeves become buoyant when sealed with diaphragms.
These diaphragms are easily pierced with the skirt pile during driving operations.

Sealing piles and conductors

Pre-stabbed piles and conductors become buoyancy chambers when sealed with diaphragms.
A 5 psi vacuum is sufficient to hold the seal in place against the end of the pile or conductor until the jacket is launched into the water.

After launch, the seal is held in place by hydrostatic pressure.

Sizes : width from 40 mm to 3000 mm, length from 40 mm to 7000 mm.

Sealing J-Tubes and buoyancy tanks and conductors

Sealed eyebolts can be installed through the diaphragms for attaching pull-in cables and diaphragm cutters.

Diaphragms provide the following benefits :

  • Easy and quick set up
  • High resistant materials
  • Custom made
  • No maintenance

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