CBRN containment bags

CBRN containment bags

Musthane designs and manufactures components or products from elastomers specially formulated for their resistance to nuclear, radiological, bacteriological or chemical risks such as CBRN containment bags.

The aim of CBRN containment bags is to:

Safe storage and carrying of CBRN contaminated materials

  • Store waste contaminated products
  • Avoid cross contamination.
  • Efficiently store contaminated CBRN waste

For these CBRN applications, our starting point is a set of specifications which allows us to imagine the best technical and economical solutions. A very limited production with the aim of proving the chosen concept is launched.

We carry out tests in renowned European laboratories by exposing the manufactured material to products such as Yperite, Vx…

Achievements can be such as:

  • CBRN protective covers for COLPRO units and tents
  • Carrying bags
  • CBRN Seals
  • Flexible tanks
  • CBRN Protective Covers or Tarps for Vehicles or Helicopters

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