Inflatable air jacks and seals

inflatable air jacks with two stages

The Mustpress® Pneumatic pressure inflatable jack purpose is to obtain a flexible and very resistant membrane. Gas or any liquid used to be injected in this membrane to exert a pressure on the environment. These products act as a hydraulic jack.
Their functions are numerous; to press wood plates, to deviate conveyors, to close polyurethane injection mould, to squeeze roll of paper, to clamp bottles in an agitator…

Mustpress® inflatable air jacks performance is linked to its component material(elastomer, polyurethane..) and the choice of the manufacturing process(hot or cold vulcanization, high frequency welding…).

Mustpress® inflatable air jacks is available in different shapes: square, circular, rectangular, toric…In order to increase their thrust, they are available with 2 or 3 stages. A ribber slug can be added in order to solve stroke or inlet positioning problems. Mustpress® inflatable air jacks are usually inflated at less than 7 bar but some of them can be inflated up to 100 bar. Sometimes long Mustpress® inflatable air jacks can be equipped with anchor in order to make easy their fixing.


General characteristics

  • Material : highly resistant fabrics coated with rubber.
  • Manufacturing process : Homogeneous hot vulcanization, high frequency welding
  • Range : Standard, Low Pressure (BP) and High Pressure (HP).
  • Sizes : width from 40 mm to 3000 mm, length from 40 mm to 7000 mm.
  • Shape: circular, rectangular or square with one, two or three stages.
  • Inflation : gas or liquid.
  • Maximum thickness : 20mm for the standard, 15mm for the BP and 30mm for the HP.


Mustpress® inflatable jacks are delivered with a filling valve, a washer and a screw in stainless steel.
Filling valve must be placed at the diagonals center of one face. On demand, we can move this one  or put several ones.
Positioning flange: We can add positioning flange in order to help bearing of long Mustpress® inflatable bag.

Mustpress® Inflatable air jacks brings following advantages:

  • Compact when empty.
  • Homogeneous thrust.
  • High temperature resistance
  • High stroke (several stages)
  • No maintenance required.
  • Custom manufacturing
elevator inflatable lifting bag

Elevator inflatable lifting bag

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