Aircraft Recovery Mat

aircraft recovery mat rollable


Mustmove® Aircraft Recovery Mats is an innovative ground improvement solution dedicated to aircraft recovery operations regardless of weather or terrain.

Patented Aircraft Recovery Mat can be used for the following operations:

  • Quick access roads for emergency vehicles to reach  the damaged aircraft
  • Aircraft tow-mats to bring the aircraft back on the Runway


Its construction made from a double ply rubber coated fabric reinforced with composite rods improves the bearing capacity of the ground, can compensate the grooves made by the aircraft in the field and gives them an excellent resistance to perforation. Their non-slip surface and the high quality of their self-supporting makes it easier to tow the aircraft out of the runway.

Their lightness (less than 10 kg / m2) and their compactness allows a quick and easy deployment. Their mud and sand impermeable surface makes their removal very easy after use.
To ensure a very good adhesion of the Aircraft Recovery Mat to the ground, it is fixed with revolutionary anchorages patented by Musthane.

Aircraft Recovery Mat require no special maintenance, simple water jet cleaning and are ready to be rolled up for reuse.

Several sections can be easily connected through our innovative slot junction, providing a continuous track between the sections, without the need to add complimentary anchors.

aircraft recovery mats

Technical characteristics

Aircraft Recovery Mats are made from a double ply rubber coated fabric reinforced with composite rods
Aircraft Recovery Mats are resistant to all commercial and military aircraft fuels (Avgas, Jet A1, F34…), hydraulic fluids and oils.

They can be operated within a temperature range from –40°C to +90°C.

Their composition allows them to be rolled up and therefore to be very compact. For example, an Aircraft Recovery Mat of 2.1m x5m has a folded dimension of Ø 0.55m x2.1m
Aircraft Recovery Mat can be repaired on site.
The anchors are lightweight and their shape allows vehicles to roll over.

LengthWidthNet Weight Dimensions packed
5,0 m2,1 m95 kgØ 0,55 x 2,1m
3,0 m3,4 m92 kgØ 0,45 x 3,4m
3,0 m4,2 m114 kgØ 0,45 x 4,2m

Custom Aircraft Recovery Mat

Our design office is at your disposal to make Aircraft Recovery Mats adapted to your needs and wishes.
Do not hesitate to tell us about your different dimensional issues, visual (colors, logo …), our engineers are at your disposal to meet your requirements and provide you with customs Aircraft Recovery Mat.

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  • Light weight (under 10kg/m²)
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Resistant to perforation
  • Impermeable to mud & sand
  • Easy to recover after use
  • Excellent ground bearing capacity
  • Can be repaired on the field
  • Can be customized with your logo and/or colors
  • Easy and stepless junctions
  • Easy to carry and deploy
  • Important lifespan
  • Easy cleaning with water jet

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