Helicopter Landing MAT

helicopter landing mats to avoid brownout

Musthane Helicopter Landing Mats are innovative helicopter landing areas facilitating a quick installation of a safe landing zone for any type of Helicopter or rotary wing UAV’s. It is an heliport or a mobile helistation easy to set up.

Our Helicopter Landing Mats offer :

  • Protection against FODs
  • Protection against Brownout
  • A Ground Point of Reference
  • Appropriate area operating with GSE
  • Helicopter maintenance cost reduction

Musthane HELIPAD is made of a double ply rubber coated fabrics reinforced with compositerods.

Each Rack dimension is approx. 2930 x 1150 x 1140 mm. Racks are stackable

The standard kit is delivered with all necessary tools for the quick installation

Sections of 2.9m x 10m are less than 60 Kg and has a 200mm Ø when rolled up

Sections of 2.9m x 15m are less than 90 Kg and has a 250mm   Ø when rolled up


Quick installation

The installation time of our Helicopter Landing Mat depends on many factors.

The average time for a 20 m x 20 m HELIPAD is estimated at 3 hours (Installation realized by 4 people with 3 m x 10 m sections).


More safety

High visibility with the crosses markings positioned every 5 meters.

Musthane proposes Night Detection Beacons (Mustmove® NDB) .

Our Soft Ground & Sand Anchoring system offers really safe and quick installation anchors.


Ultra compact

A Full Kit of 20m x 20m Helicopter Landing MAT (anchors included) is only:

3m x 1,2m x 1,2m & 1000 kg so you can put 8 helicopter landing mats in one 20’’container


Musthane manufactures the sections on demand.
The dimension of the sections can be modified to meet your requirements (Time to deploy, Means of transportation…)

Patent pending

Mustmove® Helicopter Landing Mats provide the following benefits :

  • Compact : A Full Kit of 20m x 20m Helipad (anchors included) is only : 3m x 1,2m x 1,2m & 1000 kg
  • Foldable (roll up) and Light Weight
  • 100% Impermeable to dust and mud
  • Anti-sliding rubber coated fabric
  • Can be repaired
  • Easy to remove & clean
  • Higher life expectancy
  • Sturdy—Perforation resistant
  • Specific design possible (colors, sizes, markings…)

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