Our commitments

our commitments Rapid deployment military camps made of folding frame tents and shelters

We believe that we succeed if our customers succeed. We believe that we can only offer the best to our customers if we hire the best employees and if our partners are the best.

We believe that we can always improve. We are convinced that our customers work with us because:

They are our top priority.

We act as professionals; we guarantee the confidentiality and secrecy of their projects. We offer the most technically efficient and cost effective solutions. We build projects on the basis of these beliefs and are guided by our values on a day to day basis:

  • Customer satisfaction through the quality of our work and our high professional standards.
  • Team spirit: Musthane is an entity made up of women and men who contribute to its success by working together.
  • Rigour and high working standards applied with customers, suppliers, local partners and with each other – each individual tries to attain excellence.
  • Enthusiasm: each individual should find her/his job fulfilling, while preserving balance between life and work.
  • The result : each and every one of us will be driven by the desire to reach her/his ambitious, challenging, measurable and sustainable objectives. By sustainability we mean in particular that we aspire to act in such a way as to make our environment, and in general the world, a better place for all
  • Curiosity: being open-minded, innovative, creative; questioning the status-quo
  • FUN: what if we had fun while doing all this?

We are certified Iso 9001 /2015 and Iso 14001/2015