Beach Access Mats

beach access for defence

Musthane designs and produces mats and trackways for quick access to the beach used by the armed forces in situations of landing by sea.
These areas are made from modules which are assembled on site through an easy and quick interconnection system. For example a Beach Access area of 20m x 5m can be deployed in less than 5 minutes using two people.
The Beach Access mats are made from the patented modules that are made of double-ply rubber coated fabrics with composite reinforcements. Dimensions and lengths can be tailored to customer needs. The Beach Access Mats manufactured by Musthane have many advantages over competing products:

  • Rollable and lightweight
  • Reinforced with composite bars
  • Resistant to puncture
  • Longer life than plastic mats
  • Increased friction with a rubber surface with a marking anti-slip
  • Easy removal of the soil even in the presence of mud
  • 100% dust-proof
  • Possibility of customization (colors, markings, reversible …)

Beach Access mat range can be supplied with a device enabling the deployment and an automatic withdrawal from a reel.

Patent pending

MUSTmove® Beach Access Mats exceeds the performances of metal or plastic mats with the following advantages :

  • Does not float on water
  • Modular sections with rapid connect/disconnect system
  • Specific sections for turns
  • Impermeable to sand
  • Foldable (Roll up) & light weight
  • Anti-sliding rubber coated surface
  • Easy to clean & remove
  • Perforation resistant
  • Repairable
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Can be fitted to all existing reels and mat deployment systems
  • Dimensions and marking on demand

beach access turning section

beach access which no float

beach access connexion system

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