Access Mat for Pedestrians & Vehicles & Tent floors PAW

temporary access road for man and vehicles

Mustmove®PAW  are innovative mats used for mobility improvement on sand or mud. Firm, stable and safe, easy for any wheelchair, stroller, pedestrian or vehicles to maneuver on.

They are used for a number of purposes, such as: pedestrian access routes, access for people with reduced mobility or with a disability, roads where vehicles are likely to become bogged down, tent floors, …

Our access mats are especially robust and have very long life spans.

Unique advantage : they can be delivered with rotating sections for making turns!

rotating section for access matsrotating section for access mat

Mustmove® PAW Mats are made of double ply rubber coated fabrics reinforced with composite rods. This flatness of the composite rods for this application provides a comfortable surface uneven smoothly.

Technical feature

Mustmove® PAW Mats are available in of width 1.50m, 1.95m or 2.20m and in a standard length of 10m

Optional anchoring systems and connections are available.

SizeWeightDimensions packed
4.9′ X 32.8′66 lbsØ 9.8″ x 3.3′

Specific sizes are manufactured on demand


Patent pending

Mustmove® Access Mats for Pedestrians & Vehicles 1 floor tents exceeds the performances of metal or plastic mats with the following advantages :

  • Better Flatness
  • Impermeable to sand
  • Foldable (Roll up) & light weight
  • Anti-sliding rubber coated surface
  • Easy to clean & remove
  • Perforation resistant
  • Repairable
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Can be fitted to all existing reels and mat deployment systems
  • Bespoke dimensions and marking available
  • More compact in storage
  • Rotating sections for making turns

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