Access Mat for Pedestrians & Vehicles

temporary access road for man and vehicles

The pedestrian access paths made by Musthane are more resistant and durable. Our Mustmove® PAW access roads are customisable and can be integrated into their environment (e.g. by their colour); they can also be parked and include specific messages.

Mustmove® Access Mats for Pedestrians & Vehicles are innovative mats used for mobility improvement on sand or mud. Firm, stable and safe, easy for any wheelchair, stroller, pedestrian or vehicles to maneuver on.

Mustmove® Access Mats for Pedestrians & Vehicles are made of double ply rubber coated fabrics reinforced with composite rods. This flatness of the composite rods for this application provides a comfortable surface uneven smoothly.

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Mustmove® Access Mats for Pedestrians & Vehicles exceeds the performances of metal or plastic mats with the following advantages :

  • Better Flatness
  • Impermeable to sand
  • Foldable (Roll up) & light weight
  • Anti-sliding rubber coated surface
  • Easy to clean & remove
  • Perforation resistant
  • Repairable
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Can be fitted to all existing reels and mat deployment systems
  • Bespoke dimensions and marking available
  • More compact in storage

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