Towable floating tanks

flexible floating tanks against pollution

Muststore®type MS towable floating tanks are designed for oil spill recovery operations for the recovery of fuel and its safe transportation on sea water. Muststore® type MS floating tanks are collapsible, foldable and rollable on a reel.

Muststore®type MS towable floating tanks  are made of a heavy duty material with an outstanding light weight making its use very easy.

Muststore® type MS towable tanks may be used for a long storage of fuel in water or for the storage and transportation of other liquids (water, …)

The towing bar is designed for a regular distribution of the strengths during the towing operation.



Muststore® type MS towable floating tanks offers following advantages:

  • Simple to use
  • Rapid deployment
  • Compact
  • High resistance to sea conditions and environment
  • Versatile (usable for transport, storage of different type of liquids)

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