Aerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System


The Aerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System is used for the transport and delivery of fuel in cargo military aircrafts such as C130 or on trucks and trailers.

Composition of the aerial bulk fuel system:

  • Two fuel bladders of 11250 liters each (±10%): total capacity of 22.500 liters (approx. 6000 USG or approx. 5000 IG)
  • One aircraft refueling set composed of:
    • Two refueling pumps and API standard filtration of 200 lpm (positive displacement pump ensuring a delivery of 200 lpm at 10 m with a pressure of 2.5 bars at output)
    • Two Diesel engine driven with the jet fuel
    • Two reels with 10 ml hose for fuel delivery
    • Two flexible hoses of 6 meters to connect the fuel bladders to the fuel pumps.
    • Two delivery nozzles (type ZVF 40)
  • One set of safety transport means including:
    • On set of aeronautic pallets and couplings for fixing safely the aerial fuel bulk system inside the aircraft.
    • Fuel bladders safety straps and ground protection cover
    • Degassing system and connection to the pressure regulation system of the aircraft for mitigating the presence of gas inside the aircraft
    • Two fire extinguichers
  • Use and maintenance instructions of the equipment in English
  • One set of spare parts for 2 year use

The Aerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System provides the following benefits:

  • Very compact kit when packed for transportation
  • Transport of bulk fuel inside aircrafts (C130, C160…)
  • Modular system : size of the fuel bladders can be adapted
  • Positive displacement pumping system with a higher performance

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