Towable flexible tanks

towable flexible tanks for water or fuel storage

Muststore® HT towable and helitransportable flexible tanks have a circular shape. They are foldable and light. They can be easily carried and set up. These fuel or water bladders are also named APFC (air portable fuel container) or fuel drum.

Muststore® HT flexible drums are specially designed for the transport and storage of fuel or water.

Muststore® HT flexible tanks are efficient for both air and ground transportation.

  • Transport by helicopter: slingable and droppable.
  • Transport by truck: rollable or on the truck platform.
  • Transport by boat : towable.
Technical characteristics

Muststore® HT flexible tanks are made of nylon coated fabrics manufactured with synthetic nitrile rubber. The fabric ensures the mechanical resistance with an average thickness of 5mm to 16 mm. Coating and design engineering grant chemical properties and watertightness.
The external side of the Muststore® HT flexible tanks is specifically designed to resist to abrasion, UV-rays and hydrocarbons.

On the inner side of the Muststore® HT flexible tanks, the linings are non-contaminating to the contents, even after an extended storage period. A specific barrier film is used for each application (fuel, oil or water).


For 250 and 500 US Gallons equipped Muststore® HT flexible tanks:

  • self-stopping 2’’ coupling
  • fuel load limiter valve 0,3 bar equipped with locking filler coupling and caps*.
  • (see photo 2)
  • 1 1/2’’ Kamlock coupling and semi-symetrical connection 1 1/2’’.
  • filling hose equipped with 1 1/2’’ Kamlock coupling and caps*.
  • turning metallic plates with lifting rings*.
  • towing fork*.
  • lifting slings.

*Optional fittings. We can provide other fittings & equipments (pumps, filters, …) on request.

Muststore®  HT flexible tanks offer following benefits:

  • Easy and quick set up.
  • Compact (foldable at 15% of the total volume).
  • High resistance to extreme conditions and outside storage.
  • Droppable when full from helicopter or truck.
  • Carriable, towable, slingable and rollable.

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