Inflatable O ring jacks for platform

INflatable o ring airjack for offshore platform
Mar 7 2016 OIL & GAS

The offshore operation of a small oil well required the construction of a small offshore platform at a depth of 32 meters.
This platform is made of :
• a 36″ conductor pipe through which the well is drilled ;
• an underwater structure made of two oblique bracons and fixed onto the sea bottom with two 30″ piles. Before the annular spaces are cemented, the structure must have been immobilized in relation to the CP and the two piles. This can be achieved with inflatable annular joints enable to support the whole platform in case of meteorological event, without being cemented.
We have designed a system made of annular inflatable jacks and slugs enable to transmit the pneumatical force onto another pipe. Centering and tightness are achieved through the compression and extension forces. The permissible axial strength was so considerable so that the inflatable jacks has a shearing movement and not a crawler movement.
The inflatable annular jacks were inflated at 15 bar and could support a weight of 150 tons.
The operation was achieved successfully.