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Low pressure pneumatic lifting bags

Why use low pressure pneumatic lifting bags?

Low-pressure pneumatic lifting bags combine stroke and lifting force up to 9 tons as standard. Their design offers the advantage of keeping a large active contact surface with the object to be lifted, even at high heights. (up to 1200mm)

Their low thickness, less than 25mm, makes them easy to use and implement.

Low-pressure air lifting bags can be inflated either with a compressed air bottle or a compressor. The control pannel allows to modulate their pressure as well as the lifting or lowering speed of the load.

They are used even in situations where there is little space between the ground and the object to be lifted, requiring little equipment: the cushion, its control pannel and an air source.

Use of low pressure air bags

  • Lifting of machines
  • Lifting of vehicles
  • Incarceration

Technical characteristics of inflatable lifting bags

We manufacture low-pressure inflatable lifting bags from polymer-coated fabric. They are vulcanized under pressure to obtain a homogeneous product.

Their inflation pressure is 0.5 bar.

The standard range ensures a lifting power up to 9T with a stroke of 800mm.

Our design office is at your disposal for any special request, do not hesitate to contact us.

We recommend that you read the precautions for use before using lifting bags

Non-contractual data for information purposes
Reference Maximum lifting thrust Maximum lifting heigh Length Width Thickness* Handles maximum pressure Weight Volume
  Tons mm mm mm mm   bar Kg Liters
 MLL1T 1,15 400 580 520 20,00 / 0,5 2,2 180
 MLL2T 2 500 750 600 20,00 / 0,5 3,2 330
 MLL3T 3 600 860 700 20,00 / 0,5 5,1 540
 MLL5T 5 760 1120 910 20,00 / 0,5 7,8 1160
 MLL9T 9 800 1500 1200 25,00 / 0,5 14,3 2300


  • Resistant and durable
  • Stables
  • Height and high lifting force
  • Large upper lifting face
  • Light

Optional accessories of inflatable lifting bags

  • Valve for controlling the inflation and deflation of inflatable lifting bags and precise control of the ascent and descent of the load. There are two models for one or two cushions.
  • Inflation hose
  • Pressure reducer 200bar/8bar


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