Maritime floating security barriers

Maritime floating security barriers

The maritime floating security barriers (MSB) manufactured by Musthane are designed to protect designated areas in sea from unexpected and undesired invasions. They are currently used in order to protect ports or harbours.

The security barriers have a simple and long life cycle design with sections made of 2 floats mounted around a heavy duty steel axis.

The sections are linked together thanks to a smart shackle and swivel combination enabling easy flexion and torsion during use. This design allows an easy lenght adjustment thanks to a quick possible connection of sections together.

The whole barrier can resist to a traction force superior to 40 Tons (specific designs are possible for more strength).

Musthane offers you to design and manufacture your floating maritime security barrier on demand and according to your specifications.

Options :

  • Alarm system : a visual and or auditive alarm is triggered in case of tentative of intrusion
  • Divers or underwater drone barrier: in synthetic fibers or in stainless steel

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