Inflatable trench shield

installed inflatable trench shield

Inflatable trench shield is a Musthane innovation.

Musthane designs, patents * and manufactures inflatable trench shields. They are designed to provide safe working conditions for staff working in trenches.

This Inflatable shoring system offer the following advantages over metal and timber shields:

inflatable trench shield
  • Easy to carry and move requiring no heavy vehicle.
    => positive BALANCE CARBONE
  • Light : inflatable shoring system weights 14 Kg
  • Permanently available in the van workers


  • A classic protection shield used to require a lifting crane and a team of 3 people minimum
  • approximate weight : more than 150 KG


=> Review negative BALANCE CARBONE


inflatable trench schield
  • very easy to install
  • Installation time = 20 min
  • Inflation time/bag = 30 seconds



  • A lot of spare parts are required to secure a trench
  • Installation time : at least 1h30


=> ½ to 1 day are lost for shielding a trench


  • Allows workers to work safely into trench bottom



  • Secure complexity sites, without possibility of providing an ergonomic work workers
  • Easy to fold and to store
  • Deflation time = 5 minutes per bag
  • Easy maintenance: just wash the bags with a water jet
  • Can be use several times if installation instructions are strictly followed
  • Conventional armor is store in a van and were not available to workers in their van.
  • Minimum required time to take off the protection shield: at least 1h30
  • A new lifting crane is required to lift all metallic shields

*Brevet Européen / European Patent n° EP 2 256 252 B1 ; Brevet Français / French Patent n° FR 2 945 555 B1

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