Anti-pollution pipe stoppers

antipollution pipe plug

Purpose of the antipollution pipe plugs

  • To plug perfectly a circular or ovoid pipe in a few seconds in order to avoid an accidental pollution.
  • To retain the toxic products while they are pumped or turned into the retention basin.
  • The Muststop® Securit safety plugs can be easily set up and used as an automatic plug or valve



The Muststop® Securit anti-pollution pipe plugs are designed to stay in the pipe, without flow annoyance. The anti-pollution pipe plugs have a semi-shell shape, of about 15 mm thickness, placed on the upper side of the pipe.

It is blocked (self-carried) with a stainless steel system in the upper side of the pipe without flow annoyance.

The anti-pollution pipe plugs are connected to an autonomous inflation system of nitrogen bottles handled by an emergency switch.

In case of fire or accidental discharge of pollutants, you just have to activate the emergency switch to plug immediately the pipe. Noxious products will be kept in the internal sewage network of the site, or deviated to a retention basin. By auctioning the emergency switch, the anti-pollution pipe plug  will inflate in a few seconds and will take automatically its original position back thanks to its Integrated Reversibility System (Venturi).

The Muststop® Securit anti-pollution pipe plugs can be inflated and deflated several times.



The Muststop® Securit anti-pollution pipe plugs are made out of elastomer coated fabrics.

  • Fabrics bring the mechanical resistance (long-time strength and «frequent use») and the resistance to the back pressure.
  • Elastomer outer coating brings a high chemical resistance to most of acids, solvents, hydrocarbons and other caustic products (it depends of concentration and temperature). It also grants the thermic resistance .

We can also provide other elastomer materials to meet your specifications.

The Muststop® Securit fixing system is ensured by a stainless steel reinforcement to avoid any oxidation.

The anti-pollution pipe plugs provide the following advantages :

  • Facility of installation and use (Musthane proposes to install the Muststop® Securit anti-pollution pipe plug on your site)
  • Low-fat maintenance (Musthane proposes 2 maintenance formulas for the Muststop® Securit anti-pollution pipe plug)
  • Deflating of the Muststop® Securit without human intervention in the pipe.
  • No problem  of flow when it’s  in the  position of waiting
  • Autonomy of the system (independent of the network of air and electricity of the site)
  • Better resistance to a lot of chemical products.



deflated anti pollution pipe plug

Deflated anti pollution pipe plug

anti pollution pipes plugs control pannel

Anti pollution pipes plugs control pannel

antipollution pipe plug 2100mm

Antipollution pipe plug 2100mm

large anti pollution pipe plug

Large anti pollution pipe plug

inflated safety pipe plug

Inflated safety pipe plug

anti pollution pipe plug control pannel

Anti pollution pipe plug control pannel

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