Inflatable sewer plug

Why use a inflatable sewer plug for connections?

Our inflatable sewer plug is short. It is designed for interventions and leak tests from the connection boxes. It plugs circular pipes of all types: PVC, cement, cast iron….

The inflatable pipe plug measures less than 300mm. In fact, it is easily inserted into the connection box.

Range of intervention

The inflatable pipe stopper is expandable. It covers the range of pipes from 100 to 300mm with only 2 pipe plugs.

Case of use of the inflatable pipe plugs

  • Air or water tightness tests according to EN 1610 and EN 805 standards
  • Insulation of pipe sections during maintenance operations
  • Blockage of the flow in the pipe

Technical characteristics of the pipe stoppers

The pipe stopper for connection is made of natural rubber coated fabric. It is vulcanized in a pressure mold making it a homogeneous product that is resistant to wastewater.

The pipe plugs are equipped with a female BSP ¼ inflation tube.  An inflation hose, connected either to a hand pump or a compressor, connects to it.

Models with through walls allow leak testing or diverting a flow.

We also provide air test accessories that fit on the through-wall of our plugs.

We recommend that you read the precautions for use before using an inflatable pipe stopper.


Reference Minimum Diameter Maximum Diameter Length bypass Inflatable pressure Back pressure
mm mm mm bar bar
MOB100BN 100 200 200 0 2,5 0,5
MOB150BN 150 300 300 0 2,5 0,5
MOB100BO 100 200 200 1/2” 2,5 0,5
MOB150BO 150 300 300 1” 2,5 0,5

Non-contractual data for information purposes


  • Economic
  • Light
  • High dilatability
  • Homogeneously vulcanized from elastomer coated fabrics

Optional accessories

  • Inflation hose equipped with pressure gauge
  • Foot pump


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