Toric high pressure pipe plugs

high pressure pipe plugs for large pipe

Musthane has developed different type of toric high pressure pipe plugs and Stoppers aiming to face important back pressure situations and diameters (more than 2000 mm).

Standard flexible and inflatable plugs used in the industrial sector usually withstand back pressures less than 3 bars (often even less than 1 bar). This back pressure is not adapted to most of the use situations in the Oil and Gas industry for example where back pressures are higher and the diameter of the pipes are more important.

Musthane has a range of flexible and inflatable stopper made of rubber coated fabric resisting high back pressures and for important diameters. This range, which is a modification of standard inflatable plugs, is limited to back pressures of 6 bars and for certain limit of pipe diameter.

For more back pressure and higher diameters, Musthane has experienced successfully in many projects a toric high pressure pipe plugs comprising of a metallic structure equipped with pneumatic doughnut inflatable jack and a friction ring.

Pneumatic plugs can accept pressure up to 200 bar/cm².

Specific elastomer made friction rings ensure a better adherence to the pipe. They also enable resist to thrust or traction efforts.

Main uses: plugs for pipes, to lift heavy loads, to handle, testing packers…

In case of particular uses, double safety is required.

Toric high pressure pipe plugs provide the following advantages:

  • High resistance to backpressure even on large diameters.
  • Reinforced with high mechanical resistant fibers
  • Brings a great security of use
  • Quick inflating
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Apporte une grande sécurité d’utilisation
  • Gonflage rapide
  • Simplicité d’utilisation et de mise en place

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