High pressure inflatable pipe plugs

high pressure inflatable pipe plug for pipe

The HIGH PRESSURE inflatable plugs of the range Muststop® are used as a safety system during the repairing of damaged pipes or in case of an important back pressure.

Pipes are emptied but there always may be hydrocarbons or gas left inside. That’s why our inflatable plugs are necessary to make sure people are in security.

These inflatable plugs are resistant to high back-pressures- They are made of technical textile coated with rubber. They can be equipped with a bypass.

High pressure inflatable pipe plugs provide the following benefits:

  • Made of high abrasion resistant rubber ; perfect waterproofness and adequacy for the off-shore in pipes work (gas and oil) and for work under pressure
  • Reinforced with high mechanical resistance fibers.
  • Strong dilatability
  • Quick inflating
  • Easily used and set up
  • Custom made
custom made gas inflatable pipe plug

Custom made gas inflatable pipe plug

custom made pipe plug

Custom made pipe plug

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