Oil boom

oil booms

Muststop®  Oil Booms are made of high resistance technical textiles (Neoprene/Hypalon, PU, PVC…). Muststop®  Oil Booms can be used for Oil Spill Containment in different type of areas (sea, beach, lake…). Each oil boom is divided in modules of 10 to 25 meters. These modules are connected together thanks to a universal connection device.

The draft can reach 3 meters in standard and may be even longer for specific uses.
The floating device is inflatable or permanent depending on the type of application.

Muststop® Oil boom provide the following advantages:

  • Better spillage control thanks to a reduced turbulences and skirt balancing
  • Musthane adapts its oil booms to your applications (choice of the polymer coated fabric, design of the oil boom…)
  • Musthane oil booms skirts are designed to combine different processes and materials (carbon, kevlar shaping of the skirts…)
  • Musthane can propose you Specific Oil Booms to contain chemical products very aggressive (concentrated acids, bases…)

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