Inflatable pipe plugs

inflatable pipe plugs for sewer industry

The Muststop® Gum inflatable pipe stoppers and plugs are specially designed for public works operations and leak tests. They can be used with any pipe thanks to their specific coating as test plugs. Inflatable pipe plugs resist to a 0.5 bar back pressure

The Muststop® Gum inflatable pipe stoppers enable to cover economically a large panel of pipes.

The Muststop® Gum inflatable pipe plugs are highly expansible and light. These plugs can be set up in the pipe by a 600 mm diameter manhole.

Musthane inflatable pipe stoppers are used in various industries. We have developed a successful experience in the Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Environment protection industries. Our inflatable stoppers, thanks to this experience, are designed to face quite any typical industrial situation.

Despite a standard range of inflatable stopper, Musthane Engineering department designs specific inflatable plugs by changing the mechanical resistances of the coated fabrics or by replacing the standard polymers used.

The Muststop® Gum inflatable pipe plugs provide the following advantages:

  • Economical.
  • Light.
  • High expansibility.
  • Hot vulcanized made of elastomer coated fabrics.


setting up inflatable pipe plug

Setting up inflatable pipe plug

inflatable pipe plugs with cane

Inflatable pipe plugs with cane

inflatable pipe plugs range

Inflatable pipe plugs range

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