High flexible plugs

inflatable plugs for large pipes

Standard inflatable rubber plugs of circular shape are not suitable to plug oval or ovoid pipes. Indeed, large diameter plugs can not be used in such pipe shapes and in case of small diameter, lifetime of such plug is highly reduced.

As a result, Musthane developed the Muststop® high flexible pipe plug which is perfectly suitable for circular or ovoid pipes.

The Muststop® High Flexible stoppers can be set up by a hole equivalent to ¼ of  their diameter.
The Muststop® High Flexible pipe plugs TYPE A enable to cover a large panel of pipes from diameter 150 mm to diameter 5000 mm.
They can be used in several types of pipe; concrete, stoneware, PVC…

The Muststop® High Flexible plugs TYPE A are equipped with;
2 handles and an identification,

  • one ¼ BSP female filling valve until diameter 300 mm,
  • one ½ BSP female filling valve from diameter 350 to 700 mm,
  • one ¾ BSP female filling valve up to 700 mm.

The Muststop® High Flexible pipe stoppers TYPE A can be equipped with a by-pass.

High flexible pipe plugs provide the following advantages:

  • Setting up by a hole equivalent to ¼ of their large diameter (a 800 mm plug will be set up by a 200 mm hole.)
  • High resistance to chemicals ; solvents, acids, oil, hydrocarbons …
  • Resistance to temperatures from –20°C to +85°C.
  • Flexible by-pass.
  • Custom made

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