Liftings bags for heavy loads

lifting bag against landslides

Mustlift® Inflatable Lifting Bags type CL can be used to lift safely heavy loads.

Mustlift® Inflatable Lifting Bags can be placed everywhere, under loads closed to the ground, or inaccessible or narrow places, thanks to their light weight and thickness.

Mustlift® Inflatable Lifting Bags can be handle and moved easily thanks to their handles. They  can be used to move heavy equipments, to free injured people, to lift cars, aircrafts, tanks…

Mustlift® Inflatable Lifting Bags can be inflated by several means: compressors, pumps for the smaller lifting bags, compressed air ductwoork system, water, …
Mustlift® Inflatable Lifting Bags can be used with quick couplings that provide a fast, easier and secured use.
The control panel allows inflation and deflation, with fine adjustment and control while raising and lowering loads.

Inflatable Lifting bags for heavy loads provide the following benefits:

  • High upward thrust (up to 76 Tons for the standard range).
  • Compact (maximum thickness 30 mm).
  • High resistance to mechanical constraints (cuts, stones…), to flames, oil and ozone.
  • Stackable for increasing stroke
  • Non slip coating.
  • Easy positioning system.
  • No maintenance required.
anti slump lifting bags

Anti slump lifting bags


quarry lifting bags

Quarry lifting bags

lorry lifting bag

Lorry lifting bag

lifting bags range

Lifting bags range

lifting bag control pannel

Lifting bag control pannel

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