Inflatable floats

floats for oil pipe

Mustlift® inflatable Buoyancy & Floats are designed according to customer technical specifications.

Musthane will use different materials (rubber, polyurethane etc…) and also different ways of manufacturing in order to meet required technical specifications.

Our buoyancy units and inflatable floats are made of flexible coated fabrics and used for cable laying or pipe laying operations.

Inflatable floats can be used for positioning of underwater cables, for moving heavy loads at sea or in general for any handling during maritime works.

For example, a customer has prefabricated concrete blocks used for the construction of a dam which had to be lightened due to the distance between the crane and the final location of the blocks.

So, Musthane realized 4 inflatable floats equipped with safety valves and inflation extensions. With a buoyancy of about 3,5 tons each, floats were placed two by two on the sides of the concrete blocks. The force-absorption is provided by very strong straps.Floats were reusable.

Inflatable floats provide the following benefits:

  • Important buoyancy capacities
  • Compact
  • High resistance to physical aggressions
  • Easy positioning system.
  • Raw material choice  : neoprene, hypalon, polyurethane…
  • Custom made
  • No maintenance
float for concrete structure

Float for concrete structure

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