Air cell conservator bladders

air cell rubber bag

Air cell conservator bladders compensate oil volume variations due to temperature variations. They are used as compensation membrane and are usually called Transformer Rubber Bags or Air Cell or Conservator Bladders or simply Air Bags.

Air cell conservator bladders avoid condensation.

Their size and shape can be adapted to rectangular conservators or flat bottom cylindrical conservators for use in electrical transformers. In order to adapt the conservator bladders to other industrial uses, our engineering department designs from the indications of the customers the best shape and configuration for an optimized compensation.

As the inside is still in contact with air and the outside with oil, Air cell conservator bladders are made of high elastomer coated fabrics that can resist to oils without contaminating them, to ozone and to steam.

Our rubber bag is used in transformers worldwide and are designed with a high reliability. The formulation of the polymers used in the air cell conservator bladders  is tested to be compliant with most of the oils and lubricants used in the industry.

Mustbalance® (MBT) can be efficient up to 20 years according to the use and storage conditions.

Air cell conservator bladders provide the following benefits:

  • Easy and quick set up
  • Sizes, shapes, flanges custom made
  • Resistance against ozone and steam
  • Excellent resistance to transformer oil

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