Surge vessel bladders

bladder surge vessel

Inside some metal sheet tanks, it is necessary to separate the liquid from the interior wall of the tank with a ponch or membrane. This membrane acts as a shock wave dampener.

The bladder is not only used as a simple separation and also as an anti-ramming device.

  • First case : the pressure is injected into the membrane and the tank is filled with the liquid. Bladder volume increases as the liquid flows out of the tank.
  • Second case : the pressure is injected into the tank and the membrane is filled with the liquid

Surge vessel bladder can be applied to squeeze a substance or extract a juice.

Characteristics depend on the environment. Surge vessel bladders are compatible with vertical and horizontal tanks.

Membrane can be made from elastomer, reinforced plastomer, food grade material or not.

Surge vessel bladders provide the following benefits :

  • Avoid constant regulation of the compressor tank
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Custom made
  • Tank Protection
  • No maintenance

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