Gel passive dampener

Gel shock absorber

Why use a gel shock absorber?

Musthane® designs and manufactures shock and vibration absorbers from gel-based complexes. Their characteristics are exceptional. They absorb shocks of up to 500 g in 6 ms with a very small footprint.

They protect in a very effective way the embedded electronic devices. Musthane® has a vibration test bench. We simulate the test situations of the developed shock absorbers. These tests are carried out using a complex chosen from our database including more than 800 different formulations and combinations.

Use cases of custom shock absorber

Military sector

  • Testing of ejector seats.
  • Qualification of parachutes.
  • Protection of equipment during parachuting, drop.
  • Low frequency mechanical protection for equipment suspension (airplanes, helicopters, tanks…).
  • Acoustic protections (submarine walls).
  • Thermal insulation (power plant).
  • Electrical insulation.

Transport sector

  • Protection of sensitive equipment.

Security sector

  • Protection of human life (motorcycle helmets)

Industrial sector

  • Antivibration (insulation and protection of industrial machinery and equipment).
  • Shock-proof.

Technical characteristics of gel shock absorbers

These shock absorbers are made to measure to meet your technical constraints.

They are made 100% from gel or flexible technical sheet.

Advantages of gel shock absorber

  • Small footprint.
  • Reduced costs and increased equipment life cycle time.
  • Lifetime of more than 15 years.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Shock absorption up to 500 g in 6 ms.
  • Low frequency passive filters.
  • Cut-off frequencies from a few Hz to 50 Hz.
  • Quality factor between 2 and 3.
  • Made to measure


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