Tactical Fuel Farm 100 m3 (TFF 100)

tactical fuel farm

Purpose and Use of the Tactical Fuel Farm 100m3 (TFF 100):

  • Autonomous tactical 100m3 farm functions are to download, store and deliver diesel or jet fuel
  • One TFF100 is composed of one all road trailer, design to be used with tactical trucks, equipped with accessories and tools needed for its deployment.


Each farm is divided in five main parts:

  • Transport : Ensured by an all road trailer transporting the whole equipment
  • Fuel loading and delivery (motor driven pump, mechanical meter, loading arm for tank trucks and hoses): Ensured by a positive displacement pump at a rate of 1000 lpm (60m3/h)
  • Storage (flexible rubber fuel tanks) : Four storage tanks of 25.000 liters capacity each
  • Connections (between the pumping station and the tanks)
  • Auxiliary part (jib crane and hoist, tools)


Musthane proposes a containerized Tactical Fuel Farm of 400m3 (TFF 400)

The Tactical Fuel Farm 100 m3 (TFF 100) provides the following benefits:

  • A mobile 100 m3 storage and dispensing refueling point on a trailer
  • A modular refueling point being connectable to other storage capacities
  • A trailer usable on civilian roads
  • Possibility to manufacture made to measure mobile refueling points on trailers or containers

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