Forward area refueling equipment (FARE 400)

forward area refueling equipment

Musthane offers a versatile solution for refueling in forward areas. This solution enables to have a mobile forward area refueling unit with a total capacity of 2000 USG thanks to 4 (four) fuel bladders of 500 USG. Our Air Portable Fuel Containers (APFC) can be also towed behind a vehicle or dropped from a height of 4 meters.

The APFCs can be connected together and refuel aircrafts at a nominal rate of 400 lpm.

Main features of the FARE:

  • Maximum filtered flow rate: 100 US GPM (approx. 400 lpm)
  • Total weight of the FARE: approx. 1700 Kg (with 4 units of 500 USG drums)
  • Overall dimensions: approx. 4400mm x 2150mm x 1300mm
  • Filtration : API EI 1583 or 1581 latest edition (on request)
  • Total aviation fuel storage capacity : 1000 USG (approx.. 3800 liters)
  • Modularity: this system can be combined with other modules (larger bladders, other type of fuel transfer pump (200 lpm to 1600 lpm, trailers…)

Composition of the FARE:

  • Four (4) Airworthy, Rollable, helitransportable and droppable 500 USG drums:
  • Color BLACK
  • diameter : 135 cm
  • length : 165 cm
  • Capacity : 500 US G
  • Working pressure: min. 0,3 bar to max 3 bar.
  • One fuel distribution set on independent painted chassis with a positive displacement pump (100 US GPM)
  • One filter separator set on independent painted chassis with a positive displacement pump (100 US GPM)
  • Fuel hoses compliant to API 1529 C: 2 of 5m, one of 15m and one of 10m
  • Nozzles :


  • Under Wing Refuelling Nozzle
  • Closed Circuit Refuelling Nozzle
  • Gravity Filling Adapter
  • Two points distribution or suction manifold
  • Two Fire extinguishers 9 Kg each
  • One towing bar
  • One lifting sling set
  • Five storage and transport crates (approx.. size each : 1500 x 2150 x 650)


Forward Area Refueling Equipments (FARE) provide the following benefits:

  • Ideal  in case of  advanced area refueling for helicopters.
  • Integrated system designed for a transport in helicopters of type MI-17 or of equivalent types.
  • Forward area refueling equipment which can be used with other storage tanks.
  • Refuelling can be done by the dropping of full flexible tanks on the zone.
  • A complete set designed for transport in a military cargo aircraft (type C130)
  • Distribution area of aviation fuel for distant bases
  • Capacity to store flexible fuel
  • This set can be used with other means of storage or aviation fuel distribution.

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