Aircraft Refueller on a trailer with 3 distribution lines (400 lpm)

Aircraft-Refueller-on a trailer with-3 distribution-lines (400 lpm)
  • Purpose of the equipment:

The aircraft refueller on trailer with 3 distribution lines gives the capacity of refueling three aircrafts at the same time. The refueller is designed on a chassis which can be mounted on different type of trailers.

  • Main feature of the system:

The system is delivered on an road trailer:

■ Dimensions: 3m x 2m x 1,86m

■ Weight (loaded) : 1500 kg

Air cooled diesel engine (4 stroke, 2 cylinders with a total of 997 cm3)

Positive displacement pump and prefilter

Aviation filter API 1581 latest edition

3 automatic reels with 20 m hoses DN40 (EN 1361)

3 CCR nozzle (2” 1/2 ISO45) and 3 overwing nozzle

One mechanical counter with a degassing system on each distribution line

Flow limitation system at a maximum rate of 200 lpm (12m3/h) for each line

Safety and security accessories

Specific refuellers can be manufactured on demand

The Aircraft Refueller on a trailer with 3 distribution lines (400lpm) provides the following benefits:

  • Positive displacement pump technology used for the fuel transfer
  • Ideal solutions for refueling of 3 helicopters at a time from a forward area refueling point
  • Easy access to the components for maintenance purpose

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