Helitransportable flexible tank

flexible helitransportable tanks for the storage of hydrocarbons

Muststore® HELI helitransportable tanks are air portable fuel or water containers with a pillow shape. They are foldable and light. They can be easily carried and set up.

Muststore® HELI helitransportable flexible tanks are specially designed for the transport of hydrocarbons, drinking water, by helicopter. Thanks to their design, Muststore® HELI flexible tanks can also be fixed on trucks. They are used in various fields, such as the Army, civilian rescue organization…

Muststore® HELI helitransportable tanks are perfectly stable during flights up to 160 Km/h.

Technical characteristics

Muststore® HELI flexible helitransportable tanks are made of elastomer coated fabrics manufactured by homogenous vulcanization in one operation. The fabrics ensure the mechanical resistance. Coating and design engineering grant chemical properties and watertightness.

Muststore® HELI helitransportable tanks provide the following advantages:

  • Easy and quick set up
  • Compact (foldable at 5% of the total volume)
  • High resistance to climatic conditions
  • Reduced of condensation and liquid contamination
  • Reduced of stored liquid’s evaporation
  • Protection of the stored liquid
  • Custom made

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