flexible Jerrican for water or fuel storage

Flexible Jerricans from Muststore® product line are foldable and used for the storage of fuel (most of NATO fuels).

These portable fuel jerricans or tanks are mainly used as additional storage capacity by armed forces for equipments, boats…

Thanks to their « bellow » design, they are flat when empty and very stable when full by taking a minimum space.

Our flexible jerricans are available with specific fittings to be connected to outbord motors.

Technical characteristics

Muststore® flexible jerricans are manufactured with a high tenacity coated fabric vulcanized homogeneously. Two handles allow a very easy filling/emptying and the transportation of the tank when full. They can be used in all weather conditions from –30°C to +70°C. They resist to a crash test of 8.5 meters. Approximate dimensions of a 25 liters jerrycan :

  • base : 220 mm x 400 mm
  • height (full) : 660 mm

Flexible jerricans Muststore® offers following advantages:

  • Easy and quick set up
  • Compact
  • High resistance to climatic conditions
  • Reduced of condensation and liquid contamination
  • Reduced of stored liquid’s evaporation
  • Protection of the stored liquid
  • Custom made

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