Flexible industrial storage tanks

collapsible tanks for industrial liquids storage

Muststore® ILC flexible waste or industrial storage tanks have a pillow shape and are used for the storage of chemical waste, sludge, fertilizer… They are foldable and light. They can be easily carried and set up.

Muststore® ILC flexible waste tanks are specially designed for the storage of industrial liquids such as liquid manures, mud, sludge, latex, paint …They are used in various fields, such as agribusiness, public works, humanitarian and industrial areas, and in a general way, for environmental protection.

Muststore® ILC flexible waste tanks offer an entire protection of the stored liquid. Thanks to the design of the tanks, stored liquids can not be in contact with air as the tank’s inner side always takes the exact shape of the stored liquid. Moreover, there is no risk of evaporation, oxidation, crystallization or formation of stored liquids.


Technical characteristics

Muststore®ILC flexible industrial tanks are made of plastomer coated fabrics manufactured by high frequency welding. The fabrics ensure the mechanical resistance. Coating and design engineering grant chemical properties and watertightness.


  • one filling/emptying seat equipped with a 1/4 round valve in PPG and  a 1/2 symetrical coupling guillemin DN50 (two sets from 30 m3)
  • one degassing seat equipped with one cap
  • 120 mm to screw set up in the center of the Muststore® ILC flexible tank.
  • one angle set per corner.
  • one repair kit.

Muststore® ILC flexible waste or industrial storage tanks offers following benefits:

  • Easy and quick set up
  • Compact (foldable at 10% of the total volume)
  • High resistance to climatic conditions
  • Limited risk of condensation and liquid contamination
  • Limited risk of stored liquid’s evaporation
  • Protection of the stored liquid
  • Confinement of the smells
  • Custom made

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