Inflatable trench shoring manual

HOW TO USE Inflatable trench shoring

Instruction of use of inflatable trench shoring The optimal life span of our inflatable protection of trench MUSTstop® FLEXSHIELD will be obtained by following the instructions. Musthane is not responsible of the consequences or injuries due to a wrong use. To use correctly our inflatable trench shoring, please proceed as following :

1st step – Prepare working area

• Dig a trench approx . 1350 mm x 1600 mm. Maximal depth 1800mm. • No sharp metallic part, no pointed or sharp pebbles

2nd Step – Assembly of the inflatable trench shoring equipment

  • Connect the inflation line to the cushion. The ball valve must be closed
  • Connect the express quick connector to the inflation system or compressor
  • Inflate 3 cushions up to 0.1 bar
  • Connect cushions with composite rods
  • Place 4 struts inside the slots on each opposed cushion
  • Lock the slots with the help of the pin
  • Place 4 struts inside the slots on laying cushion
  • Lock the slots with the help of the pin
  • Place the last cushion on the struts and put them in the slots
  • Lock the slots with the help of the pin
  • Connect the last cushion to the others using the composite rods

3rd Step – Installation of the inflatable trench shoring

  • Put the assembly in the trench with the help of the handles or a lifting meaning
  • As soon as the material is well placed, adjust the pressure up to 0.5 bar (pressure relief valve open itself @ 0.6 bar)
  • Never go in the trench if the cushions are not inflated up to 0.5 bar
  • Remove the inflation line
  • The trench is now secured

4th Step – Remove

  • Go out from the trench
  • Connect the venturi on the deflating cushion
  • Connect the inflation line on the venturi
  • Open the ball valve and deflate the cushion down to 0.1 bar
  • Repeat these operations to the 3 other cushions
  • Remove the assembly from the trench
  • Open the slot and remove the struts from the slots
  • Clean up the cushions

Recommanded use for inflatable trench shoring :

To keep integrity of the material and safety of the users, Musthane recommend to follow these instructions:
  • Check cushions, struts, inflation line and all the other accessories before and after each use
  • Never inflate more than 0.6 bar, respect the inflation pressure
  • You must use the struts and the locks to secure the trench
  • Clean with warm soapy water the cushions after each use (never use chemicals, iron brush or high-pressure wash) rinse and let them dry
  • Keep the inflation line, the quick connectors and the venturi always clean. If not, this may destroy the system
  • The system must be used by qualified and trained people.
  • inflation line to manipulate, lift… the cushions
  • the system for other application that forecasted
  • sharp or pointed object on the cushions
  • turning machines as drill, grinder,…
  • the system in a trench deepest than 1800mm
  • flame, solvent, acid or base with high concentration
  • put the system on a heating system
  • repair the cushions or the system without any advice from Musthane
  • modify the system
  • use a high-pressure cleaner in direct contact with the skin of the cushion
  • deflate cushion when someone is in the trench

HOW TO store inflatable trench shield

• Store the folded, fully drained and dried cushions in a room protected from extreme weather conditions, aggressive steams and rodents at a storage temperature between -5 ° C and +20 ° C and a degree of hygrometry between 40 and 70%. • Protect cushions against sunlight, UV light, or strong artificial light. Please request the updated version of this document from Musthane’s sales department before using the equipment.
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