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Musthane engineering team has the necessary skills and experience to perform designs for various industries. The design is usually followed by the manufacturing of a prototype or directly produced in series in one of our manufacturing sites.
Musthane engineering offer is divided into two expertise areas:

  • Design to Flexibility®design and manufacturing of solutions based on flexible and resilient structures.
  • Design to Mobility® : design and manufacturing of equipment for emergency situations where a quick deployment is required.

In order to meet our customer growing expectations, we keep developing our engineering capabilities and know-how in different fields such as:

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We study the most appropriate solutions to our customer issue and we propose to realize a cost saving step by step development process leading to the final approval.

Our active participation in solving technical problems in various sectors enables us to perform a real “cross fertilization” opening doors to unexpected, innovative and successful solutions.

Musthane offers to assist you in the following services:

  • Technical intelligence in product and process evolution
  • Service and technical support (repair, maintenance, installation…)
  • Spare parts service
  • Technical expertise and preparation of functional specifications
  • Training for installation, use, maintenance…

Our ambition is to achieve a sustainable growth by offering global and integrated solutions to our customers: Engineering, Technology, Implementation, Support and Recycling.

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