Maintenance & security equipment for nuclear power plant

pusher robot for nuclear plant for waste of nuclear plant
May 14 2018 Energy

In nuclear power plants, whether in the primary or secondary zone or in the plant environment, Musthane operates at two levels:
• as a designer and integrator of complete and customize system

• as a designer and manufacturer of products made from flexible materials and structures (rubber, polyurethane, composite, technical textile …) such as pipe stoppers, storage tanks, gaskets, protective sleeves and equipment, air jacks,...

These products are generally used for maintenance or the protection of certain areas of the nuclear plant to provide temporary or permanently plugging (such as remotely controlled mechanical valves), to storage contaminated water to seal a part of an installation or to achieve hydraulic tests
For example, Musthane designs and manufactures plugs (or stoppers) in order to test pressure pipes on the primary circuit or to prevent intrusion of foreign bodies in the FME zones (turbine bleed …). It also installs in its central  installed permanently in the pipes in order to prevent accidental pollution of the environment.

In primary areas these products will be PMUC (standard of EDF indicating the list of materials being able to be used in nuclear plants).

Musthane also designs covers with to mitigate, in the primary zone, the diffusion of contaminated dust during cutting work of metal parts. In addition, Musthane manufactures storage tanks and primary containment systems to temporarily collect contaminated water contained inside the reactors during maintenance operations.

As a designer of complete and customized systems, Musthane has been entrusted with complex projects such as the design and manufacturing of a robot to push nuclear waste into underground galleries.