Pneumatic lifting bags

Musthane® designs and manufactures pneumatic lifting bags. Their objective is to ensure the lifting of heavy loads in places that are not easily accessible by the usual lifting means.  Their thickness when empty is less than 30 mm. They will have different technical characteristics depending on their use.

There are three main families of pneumatic lifting bags:

- Aircraft lifting equipment: they are used for rescue operations of crashed aircraft. Their particularity is that they keep a flat surface in contact with the equipment to be lifted whatever the inflation pressure.

- Low pressure inflatable lifting bags : they are recommended when the lifting operation requires a significant stroke (up to 800mm) such as to lift a tilted truck. Their maximum inflation pressure is 0.5 bar

- High pressure pneumatic lifting bags :  used to break stone blocks, lift a machine...A 1m x 1m lifting bag lift 76T. Their maximum inflation pressure is 7 bar.

The inflatable lifting bags are waterproof envelopes. We manufacture them from elastomer-coated fabrics. They are pressurized with compressed air. This pressure is transformed into thrust and allows to lift important weights: from a few KG to several hundred tons. The pneumatic lifting bags are fed by one or more inflation valves placed on the edge of the cushion. This avoids any obstruction to their positioning under the loads.

Adapted inflation equipments allow to monitor the inflatable lifting bags (rise, fall and inflation pressure). For the aircraft recovery equipment, the control pannels are complex and ensure the individual monitoring of each inflatable lifting bag in the stack.

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