Temporary access roads and trackways for tactical mobility SIM

temporary access road and trackway for defence

MUSTmove® SIM  is an innovative irregular ground surface improvement mat developed to increase the efficiency in operations by offering Temporary roads for vehicles.

The trackway manufactured by Musthane is light weight, easy to install, to clean and REMOVE.

Advantages :

Modular sections : 5 or 10 linear meter modules connected together thanks to a rapid and heavy duty secure connecting system.

Rotating sections (optional) making turns

rotating section for access matsrotating section for access mat

Our temporary access road can be fitted to all existing reels & mat deployment systems.

MUSTmove® SIM Surface Improvement Mobility Mats is made of a double ply rubber coated fabrics reinforced with composite.

Patent pending

Use Technical Data
Temporary Road irregular soft grounds (ex: with ruts, gaps, holes…)



Aircraft Taxiway for aircrafts up to B777, C-5 Galaxy


Weight from 1,63 to 2,05 lb/ft²

Dimensions on demand

Manual deployment or automatic deployment on reels (large and heavy duty handles allow easy handling)


MUSTmove® SIM exceeds the performances of metal or plastic mats with the following advantages :

  • Light Weight
  • Resist to perforation
  • Non slipping surface
  • Rubber coating:

– Best friction rate with tires

– Easier to remove

– Easier to clean

  • Integrated removable stiffeners (40 GPa to 250GPa)
  • Impermeable to dust and mud
  • Customized at no extra cost (size and markings)
  • Repairable (repair kit)
  • Can be fitted to all existing reels & mat deployment systems.

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