Soft-wall versatile shelters and tents for military camps

rapid deployment shelters for defense

Mustmove® versatile soft-wall shelters and tents have been primarily developed for military application where a heavy duty and robust design is a priority.

Our quick erect tents and shelters are designed according to the customer requirements and can be inflatable or made from metallic folding frames.

These modular shelters or tents are easily transformed into base camps, field hospitals, CBRN mass decontamination centres, collective protection units (colpro)…

Our expertise is first in the design and manufacturing of light weight and quick erect modular units (for example a 40m² folding frame shelter can be erected in less than 3 minutes by 4 operators). Then our chemical engineers will choose the right material for the required application, especially when CBRN risks are to be considered.

Musthane will work on your specifications in order to meet your expectations taking into account the major parameters: shelter surface, set-up time, material, preferred design (inflatable or folding frame), shelter functions (camp, field hospital, mass decontamination, Colpro…)

For customers who prefer a turn-key solution, Musthane will propose a packaged solution delivering the full equipment and the training allowing the quick implementation of field hospitals, military camps, CBRN decontamination centres, collective protection units (COLPRO)…


Soft-wall versatile shelters and tents for military camps provide following benefits :

  • Easy & Quick Set up
  • Modular & interconnectable
  • Versatile : can be transformed into different functions (CBRN, hospital …) by changing few fittings and
  • Accessories
  • Light & Mobile
  • Custom made

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