Rapid deployment military camps made of folding frame tents and shelters

Soft-wall versatile shelters and tents for military camps

Musthane designs camps and bases in size and level of equipment and comfort is achieved according to the needs expressed by users. The camps are manufactured by Musthane from developments and tests for various armed forces around the world.

The camps are generally rapid deployment (using foldable frame tents and shelters) and based on universal logistics modules (i.e ISO containers, trailers or skids transportable in ISO containers). A camp directed by Musthane may have different features such as:

  • Decontamination Unit
  • Dormitory
  • Refectory
  • Offices
  • Command Post
  • Medical Post
  • Kitchen
  • Bakery
  • Shelter vehicles or aircraft
  • Hangar

Musthane can deliver equipment for your camp or a complete camp with all equipment and accessories necessary for its use.
In some geographic areas, Musthane offers a service deployment / refolding of camps.



The advantages of camps and military bases are the following :

  • Customised design and manufacture of tents for your camp or military base.
  • Rapid camp set-up thanks to the fast design-to-deployment speed of our tents.

A single modular tent concept which can be used for a variety of functions (dormitories, refectories, Command Post…).

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