ColPro units for CBRN Collective Protection

ColPro units for CBRN Collective Protection

Musthane designs and manufactures military units to have a camp protected from external CBRN aggressions it for a certain time. These COLPRO (Collective Protection) units are composed of an access area (called also Access Airlock), a decontamination area and a living area (clean area).

Musthane has expertise in managed COLPRO (Collective Protection) units to face the most risk of chemical and bacteriological addressed in the armed forces of NATO.

Protection collective NRBC colpro

Musthane has developed a specific COLPRO (Collective Protection) unit for nuclear risks with special materials for long lasting protection. Each COLPRO (Collective Protection) unit is configured according to the needs required and may include all the features existing in a camp or a command post.

ColPro units for CBRN Collective Protection provide following benefits.

  • Achievement of specific Colpro units for you, using our specific materials and know-how in the field of CBRN protection.
  • Quick deployment of a protected area against CBRN aggressions for periods going up to several days.
  • Modular Colpro units are possible   thanks to the tents that can be put together

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