CBRN decontamination units

CBRN decontamination unit

Musthane designs and manufactures CBRN decontamination units (Nuclear, Radiological, Bacteriological and Chemical).

CBRN decontamination units manufactured by Musthane are mobile and realized either from shelters or from foldable frame tents (modular and light weight tents).

Our CBRN decontamination units are intended for military, security or civil institutions wishing to have an intervention force in case of such incident at an industrial site or nuclear.

These CBRN decontamination units(colpro) are supplied with all necessary equipment (showers, water heating, beds, lighting …) to accommodate the persons or objects on display and perform the necessary cleaning and recovery of objects or liquids contaminated.

All CBRN decontamination units manufactured by Musthane are provided with protection (or envelope) to a resistance to chemical or nuclear. Musthane has a wide range of materials developed for specific contaminations.
Musthane provides training in its use of CBRN decontamination equipment.
Our design department offers to configure a custom solution to fit your needs.

CBRN (Nuclear, Radiological, Bacteriological and Chemical) decontamination units made in folding frame tents and shelters provide following benefits:

  • light and mobile CBRN decontamination unit (these units will be quickly unfolded by 4 people)
  • modular and robust CBRN decontamination unit thanks to the use of folding tents with metallic structures
  • We design and manufacture tents which allow you to make your own decontamination unit to measure.

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