Quick Release Anchor for helicopter landing mat

anchoring quick release for helipad mats

The Mustmove® QS Anchorage System is an innovative patented product to achieve secure and quick anchoring in soft ground. It offers an exceptional result in the sand. It is used to anchor our helicopter landing mat, temporary road

Our anchoring system consists of an aluminum anchor, a flexible link in high-tenacity technical textile, a traction and locking device and a driving rod.

Our specific anchorage profile is an important element, guaranteeing the safety of our anchoring system. It was designed to ensure on the one hand ease of implementation with a simple steel rod.

Its registred design is defined to easily penetrate sandy or earthy ground.

On the other hand, its material, a specific aluminum alloy, gives it a light weight and a strong resistance.

The flexible link is a technical textile that ensures an adjustable anchoring to the desired depth. This flexible link has a high resistance of minimum 500daN (more for specific landing applications). This technical textile provides a great flexibility of use (and reuse) and a longer life than the steel links.

The unique traction and locking device is operated simply manually and regardless of the anchoring depth chosen. It is enough for the operator, without any tools, to unblock the system to reposition it or to retighten it if necessary.

Each standard anchoring system can hold a 500kg thrust.

anchoring quick release for helipad

The other decisive advantage of the system is its reuse. Just use our simple tooling to recover the anchors and reuse them later. This operation is simple and requires only a few minutes.

These undeniable advantages make it a remarkable asset, the system is reliable and reassuring for the helipads unlike the piles which proved their limits as much on a plan of weight (20 times heavier), of volume as on a plan of safety ( little tensile strength) or anchoring systems intended for wine or agricultural holdings

Technical description

  • Anchor: approx 75 x 25 mm Aluminum
  • Flexible link: synthetic fiber with a mechanical strength of 500 daN (500 kg)
  • Traction & Locking Device: made of aluminum, this device first makes it possible to rotate the anchor. Then it adjusts the length of the flexible link and keeps it powered during use.
  • QS anchor recovery tooling is optional equipment. The flexible link can be easily cut in case of need to leave faster or urgently


  • Position the stake in the hole provided for this purpose in the anchor.
  • Drive the anchor with a hammer to the indicated red limit.
  • Remove the stake and pull the rope pulling rope until the anchor is anchored in the ground.
  • Put the traction device in contact with the Helipad mobile. Put the rope in the groove of the traction device and secure it.


How does it work?


anchoring-quick-release-system-for-helipadTo arm the anchor must exert a force allowing the tilting of the anchor in the ground.



The anchor creates a cone that gets squeezed once a vertical effort is exerted




The effort cone blocks the anchor in the ground. The maximum load that can be retained by the device depends on the ground and the size of the anchor





Advantages :

LightweightEach anchor weighs 200 gr
Compact100 QS Anchors can be packed in a bag of 45 x 75 cm (20 Kg in total)
QuickerThe same performance at only 0,5 meter than traditional stakes. Installation and removal can be done in less than one minute*
SaferOnce be installed on soft ground (e.g. sand) it can only be removed by a special tool
AdjustableThe height of the anchor is adapted to the ground (which is impossible with traditional stakes)
ReusableThe anchoring system can be recovered and reused several times.


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