Aircraft recovery lifting bags

lifting bags for aircraft recovery

Musthane is involved in the Airport and Aviation industry for many years and has developed very unique and innovative solutions in order to participate in the aircraft recovery operations.
has a unique position of Designer and Manufacturer of its aircraft recovery equipments thanks to its large industrial and manufacturing capabilities throughout Europe.

Our offer is presented through MARS® which stands for Mobile Aircraft Recovery Solutions. This offer gathers most of the necessary equipment and services (training or technical assistance for use or maintenance) for the aircraft recovery: aircraft recovery lifting bags, aircraft recovery tow mats or temporary access roads and trackway, tethering equipment,…

MARS® aircraft recovery bags are a mobile equipment for the recovery of aircraft. Our solution consists in the rapid deployment of the necessary assets to lift a wide range of aircraft (A380¹, Mirage, F18, A320, B747…).

The lifting capacity of standard MARS aircraft lifting bags ranges from 15 tons to 60 tons per module. Each module is comprised of 3 inflatable cushions of 20 cm width. Modules are stackable to make a pile at the appropriate height.

The Top module is compartmented and designed in order to fit the aircraft body.
The inflation pressure of the lifting bags is up to 0.5 bar (7 PSI).

Musthane supplies also :

  • Aircraft defuelers
  • Fuel flexible tanks,
  • Control panel with individual pressure report of each cushion

Aircraft recovery lifting bags offer following benefits :

  • Only the top module must be adapted to the aircraft.
  • The lifting bag is vulcanized in one piece in autoclave and homogeneously (no seam, no glue).
  • The rubber coating type is manufactured on demand (Nitrile, Neoprene…).
  • One point of contact: the manufacturer is your direct contact.
  • MARS offers also: aircraft defuelers, fuel bladders, lifting bags control panel, trailer…A simple system, easily used for partial or total lifting.
  • A rapid deflation/inflation system allows a quicker operation.
  • Training centre in France (2 sessions are organized per year)*by Professional Aircraft Maintenance Instructors.
  • Equipment maintenance contract: we ensure that your equipment will work the day you need it.
  • Recovery assistance: we are present in less than 24 hours to assist you *.

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