Inflatable bladders for hydraulic equipment

inflatable bladder in rubber

MBH Mustbalance® inflatable bladders are used to separate two different mediums: for example, to compensate oil volume variations due to temperature, leaks or station running, to separate oil from external environment to avoid its oxidation or pollution. Inflatable bladders can be used in power transformers, scanner and radiology appliances, submarine batteries…

Inflatable bladders are made of rubber coated fabrics or polyurethane. These fabrics have an excellent resistance to oil and do not contaminate it.


vessies souples de compensationpour circuit hydraulique

MBH Mustbalance® inflatable bladders exist in circular, square, rectangular and oval shapes. They are equipped with a ¾ BSP filling valve placed in the middle of one face (several filling valves must be forecasted when pneumatic bladders are set on inclined plane, in order that the MBH are not stopped up).

MBH Mustbalance® inflatable bladders can be set up on the inside or outside part of an hydraulic circuit’s tank and don’t require any maintenance.

Mustbalance® Inflatable bladders for hydraulic equipment provide the following benefits:

  • Easy and quick set up
  • Sizes, shapes, flanges custom made
  • Resistance against ozone
  • Excellent resistance to oil
  • No maintenance

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