Aviation Fuel Transfer Pump 400 lpm (24m³/h)

aviation fuel transfer pump 400lpm

Purpose and Use of the Fuel Transfer Pump 400 lpm (FTP400):

  • Designed to transfer jet fuel to aircrafts (NH90, EC 725, EC 665, Mirage…) at a constant flow rate of minimum 21m3/h with a distance of 20m between the pump and the aircraft
  • The FPT400 is used for the transfer of the following NATO fuels: F-34, F-35, F-44, XF-43, F-63, XF-63 and F-54
  • The FPT400 can be moved by forklift or slinging

Technical feature and advantages of the FTP400:

  • The FTP400 is an aircraft refueling compact pump delivered in a painted aluminum frame:
  • Dimensions: 1050mm x 760mm x 720mm
  • Weight: 170 Kg
  • Paint NF X 41-002
  • Frame in 6000 Series Aluminum Alloy
  • The free-standing base has slots for lifting forks, to enable it to be moved using a forklift truck
  • The pump used is a positive displacement pump being able to start with an empty inlet line:
  • Pump technology:
    • Vane pump
    • Self-priming pump
    • The flow rate is constant regardless of the pressure and viscosity
    • Cast iron body serie GL 250
  • Main performances of the pump at 20°C:
    • Rotation speed: 1000 to 1500 rpm
    • Weight 51 kgs
    • Constant flow rate delivered at DN50: 400 lpm
    • Output pressure: up to 6 bars (adjustable with the bypass by the operator for CCR nozzle refueling or Overwing nozzle refueling)
    • Maximum differential pressure : 12 bars
    • Maximum distance from the fuel reservoir (tank): 6 meters
    • Adjustable bypass in order to reduce the output pressure for helicopter or vehicle refueling
  • Engine:
    • Piston displacement (cm³): 462
    • Continuous output (kw/rpm): 6.5/3600
    • Maximum output (kw/rpm): 7.5/3600
    • Maximum torque (Nm/rpm): 24,9/2300
    • Weight 48 kgs
    • T.O Shaft rotation: counter-clockwise facing P.T.O shaft
    • Starting system: recoil starter (manual)
    • Flame guard exhaust
    • Emergency engine shut off system
    • Sound reduced to 76dB(A) to 7 meter
    • Fuel tank 5L
  • Optional Equipment:
  • Electric starter
  • Variable number of outputs from 2 to 4
  • Manual or automatic reel
  • Aviation filtration (integrated in the chassis or in a separate frame)
  • Reception measuring unit
  • Different models of trailers (airport, road, all-road)
  • Maintenance and spare part kit (level 1 and level 2)
  • Fuel ligne distribution with: – Hose API 1529, – Nozzle SAE AS5877

Exist also in the following flow rates:

  • 60m³/h (1000 lpm)
  • 80m³/h (1300 lpm)
  • 100 m³/h (1600 lpm)

Fuels Transfer Pumps 400 lpm (24m3/h) provide the following benefits:

  • A flow rate of 400lpm for aircrafts and helicopters located 50 m of distance.
  • A flow rate up to 400lpm can be delivered thanks to the set up kit – connected with 2 units.
  • A light and mobile motor-pump which can be moved by one person

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